12 01 2007

It was the night before the Arahura run and the decree came by SMS from Duncans wife Debs, “you look after my boy now and make sure he has fun”. A reply was promptly sent “don’t worry that is my utmost priority…especially the fun bit”.

And so it was that myself, Yan, Angus and Duncan hit the Arahura at a flow on the high side of medium or low side of high. Either way it seemed like semantics as we set off.

Duncans goal for the last year, was to be at a standard where he can paddle the Arahura. It hasn’t been an easy road for someone whom sport does not come naturally. Today is extra special for Duncan, because he has over the last year confronted things that have pushed him outside his comfort zone.

The potentially career and relationship limiting move of taking 6 months to go paddling in Nepal and Canada have paid off with some real personal development. I think his supportive wife will be due some attention credits after this last escapade

Listening to the stories from the group in front of us I couldn’t help but think we had a significantly stress free trip.

Congratulations Duncan and here is to more frivolous activities in the future.

More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/yakers/




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