25 01 2007

Back To Work

Well the holidays are over and its back to work after a month kayaking down on the West Coast, Queenstown and Fiordland. There is still plenty of kayaking to do down South and the West Coast is not something I will tire of in a hurry. The kayaking on the Coast is truly world class due to the scenery, remoteness and quality of water. Where else in the world can you fly into rivers at affordable prices?

The Perth river (2 day) would have to be my favorite run this season. I was lucky to join up with two excellent boaters Ben and Zak who both work for the Kayak school and are year round kayakers. Zak recently returned from a 7 week trip in Tibet and was looking pretty smooth.

We struck water levels that were on the good side of high. Day one held some classic moves mixed with some “mank” which we walked. Overnight gear and food was flown into Scone Hutt, Considering it was a multi day trip we ate particularly well (Lamb Korma for dinner and Bacon and Eggs for breakfast) . The hut is pretty well stocked so we lucky not to have to bring too much gear compared to Nepal.

I don’t know what it is about pushy water but I really love it. We caught flows on the good side of high (60 Cumecs) and had a great time. The river is relatively steep at around 40-50m per km. The moves were mostly clean on day 2 and we belted it out 4 hours.

It’s been a while between beatings but I took a particularly good one in a sticky class 5 hole near the end of the top section on day 2. The beating has did nothing to curb my enthusiasm for the day and pushy water. I guess it sharpened the mind for future escapades and was reminder that speed is good.

Many thanks to Ben and Zak for the photos.
Photos uploaded to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yakers/




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