8 12 2008

Kite Crossing a Success!

Just a quick post to say Ali and I did make it across and we are stoked with this achievement, especially given the light wind conditions we started and ended with.

Thanks guys for all your support and donations. If you haven’t done so already please keep the donations flowing in http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/kitethestrait/ .

It took us an hour to grovel out of Makara before we headed out on our way. The 2.5 m shark swimming off the head of Makara certainly kept my senses sharp while Ali finally made his way out. We had periods where the wind died completely and the pressure was definitely on with TV3 there and news media wanting to know what was going on.

Both of us were having to work hard to keep upwind and maintain a bit of speed. Unfortunately Ali was struggling to stay upwind and ended up in a place where it wasn’t possible to come back from. I spent a fair bit of time on the Perano Head side getting to a point where I could touch without a wind shadow. It also set me up for a steaming run back across, well, until the wind died and I ended up groveling in 8-14 knots of wind from 3:30 until 5:30

The wind died out, 3 mile from Makara, to around 5 knots so it wasn’t possible to continue. I was ready to break out the Speedos and swim the last bit, but the support boat was getting close to being out of fuel and had to head home after having driven 140km.

Coping with the wind variation was key today and the combination of the new Cabrinha switchblade IDS kites and long boards really helped us out. I am personally feeling pretty good after having kited 7 hours with only stops in the lulls. It will be interesting to see how the body is tomorrow.

This crossing would not have been possible without the support from a number of people who have generously given up their time today. Big thanks to you all.

Thanks to Dion and Willi for the photos.




4 responses

8 12 2008

Top act guys and look forward to reading some more about the trip Jules Biggles

8 12 2008

Well done!!

8 12 2008

Good effort guys – well done.What are the stats (total distance kited and time taken)?Tim

13 12 2008

Well done guys!A great achievement and adventure for you both and one for the record books.Coprosma repens

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