Starting today- wind permitting

22 07 2010

So this is it, my final post before the biggest adventure I have ever undertaken.

I always advise people planning this type of expedition that getting to the start line with the right gear, planning and support is the hardest part. Adrianno from Wind Dance ( has been fantastic with my final preparations and hosting me. Any piece of kiting kit I have needed he has been able to provide.
Adrianno will also act as my primary contact for the southern part of the trip.

I have packed, repacked and culled my gear over and over again in the past few days. I’ve questioned what to take and what to leave behind.

The decision is final on my kite, I’m taking the 2011 11m Cabrinha Crossbow, I need the power for the start and hopefully will be able to hold it down in the stronger winds.

The board choice still plays on my mind and is causing me some stress. I desperately want to ride a twin tip for many reasons, the most significant being comfort and safety. However, after many unsuccessful attempts to get upwind yesterday using the twin tip I begrudgingly accepted that this board was not going to work. Thus the course board is coming on the journey with me. I have serious concerns about the big fins getting caught on the underlying reefs and that my legs may get really tired with the lack of give in the board, but I also know that this adventure requires me to start with a strong upwind section and this is the only board that can get me there.

I really don’t know how much distance I can cover in one day, but I hope that tomorrow will give me a good indication of what’s to come.

I’m expecting it to be slow to start, but I’m feeling strong and confident about what lies ahead.

The plan is to start at 10am today from Pedaeta beach (see spot tracks from yesterday). It’s raining here so will need to assess that decision in 2 hours. Currently sitting in the famous Salvador traffic so the start time may be pushed out.




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23 07 2010

Good luck!!! glad to hear you’ve come to the conclusion on gear.

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