Sitting Tight

27 07 2010

After a couple of days of getting all of my gear together, I’m all ready to start the mission again.  Unfortunately as each day passed the wind got lighter and lighter, which does not look promising for an early start tomorrow.

The strength of the wind is out of my control, so all I can do is sit tight and wait for it to pick up again, keeping a good sense of humour about it all while I wait. From day one of planning this trip I knew that the first 300 to 500km were going to be the hardest. Light, fickle winds plague this area and today was no exception. At this time of the year the wind is driven by rain fronts but as soon as those clear up the wind suddenly drops below 6 knots making the kite fall out of the sky.

My plan is to try and time the start of the trip with a south to southeast front. Waiting for these could end up being tedious but necessary as the coastline here is not forgiving.  My biggest concerns right now are reefs (mostly because of the big fins I have on my board) and finding safe landing spots.

So today was just spent hanging out, waiting for the wind and surrounding myself with the local kitesurfing community.  I actually met someone here on the beach that didn’t think I was crazy, it was so refreshing compared to the usual response I get when I talk about my plan of a set of raised eyebrows and look of disbelief.  I don’t think that I am crazy, well I didn’t until my Mum (who has always graciously accepted my adventures) mentioned to me that I might be crazy.  No, I still don’t think I’m crazy, well OK, I might be questioning my sanity right now. In case you missed it the TV3 news story is making out that I am crazy as well.
TV3 Interview

Although I am doing this trip solo, I have really good network of people here who have been supporting me which is really reassuring and its fantastic to have such a great local group with their friendly nature and local knowledge.

So I’m just going to sit tight for the moment, watching the ocean and waiting for wind.  I’m not making any predictions about when I will leave, I just know I’ll go when the conditions are good, and I don’t want to tempt fate by announcing a definite start date.

The locals reckon there is no wind until Thursday, but I’ll just have to wait and see.




4 responses

27 07 2010

I think the delays are probably a good thing, as it gives you more time to think things through and check that everything is working. It also means you have more time to build your support network, and have a few caipirinhas!

28 07 2010
Alexandre Borges

Don`t loose focus.

29 07 2010
Kirsty Scott (nee Sylvester)

I’d be taking the crazy comments as compliments – look at all the influencial people in the world that are now considered the forerunners to modern science, art, sport…. they were once considered crazy. The crazy ideas are the good ones – we wouldn’t have cars or electricity, mobile phones, internet, kites with out crazy people. So “big ups” to Crazy Louis

29 07 2010
Brian Walters

don´t worry u will have no shortage of wind!

I saw you mention on kiteforum that Andreas in Baleia was open to hosting people. Do you have his contact details?

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