Day 1

29 07 2010

So the journey has started, its officially day one.
There was no fanfare, no big crowd to wave goodbye, just me sneaking out when the wind started to blow, not really knowing how much progress I could make, but trying anyway.
I have been trying to start for the past three days, and poor Adrianno who was hosting me, must have breathed a huge sigh of relief as I finally left so that he could get back to his normal schedule rather than keep watching me wait for the wind.
It took a lot of self restraint not to attempt to kite over the last few days, as there were some fantastic rain storms which brought in lots of strong winds, however as soon as the rain left so did the wind and that inconsistency would have left me struggling out in the ocean.
Today was different, the sky was clear and there was a consistent 12-15 knots which I could trust would be there for at least a few hours.
I ended up kiting upwind for 3 hours today which was both physically and mentally challenging as I had to be aware of the reefs the whole way and keep a vigilant watch on the wind. I had a close call when I was almost trapped inside a reef just as the wind dropped, but luckily I just managed to get myself out of trouble in the nick of time.
The wind dropped this afternoon, so I body dragged into the shore and ended up on this beautiful sandy beach where I have set up my hammock and am looking forward to a night of well deserved rest.
I was hoping to be able to share my GPS tracks with you however I found that my waterproof GPS was not as waterproof as I had hoped and somehow got waterlogged during my body drag in today. I’m going to keep my spare GPS inside my dry-bag tomorrow and hope that it will help to guide me on my journey over the next few weeks.
The ability to kite upwind today and make some real progress had made a huge different to my mental state and keeping positive on this trip. Spending the last few days staring out at the calm conditions made me wonder if I was ever going to be able to leave, so finally having the conditions to kite has helped to re-ignite my passion for this adventure and feel like I could finally make some progress.
I can plan every aspect of my trip, but I can not plan for the wind and this is the hardest thing for me. Each day I must sit and wait until the conditions are right, and if they are not, I have to sit some more. Patience is usually my strong point, but I will admit that this is starting to become a struggle for me as I wanted to have made more progress that this by now.
I am hoping that the wind will pick up tomorrow, and the forecasts look strong so I plan to kite a little further out and make some more progress with my distance goals.
However I have decided that if the conditions worsen and the wind is not strong enough, I may be forced to drive north and restart my trip further along the coast.
So I sit here on the beach, watching my hammock rocking slowly with a steady 16 knots of wind, lit by the almost full moon and I realise that this is pretty much paradise.
Tomorrow is another day, but with the strong winds that are forecast, its looking promising.




7 responses

29 07 2010

Good Luck, enjoying reading about your jouney. I really hope the wind picks up for you, fingers crossed for great conditions!
Matt (from Wellington)

30 07 2010
Boris Terzic

wow that sounds Epic! Good luck man!

30 07 2010

GOOD LUCK! Carly and I are cheering for you!

30 07 2010

Awesome that you’re on your way mate! We’re watching your progress – Good luck!

30 07 2010
Alexandre Borges

Big Viva!
Take care with coconuts.

30 07 2010

Go Louis! Following you on line!

30 07 2010

Yippidy doo! let the wind be with you. Enjoy that hammock bigger days to come!

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