Day 2

30 07 2010

It was fantastic day out on the water today and so relieving to make some good progress and finally be clear of Salvador.
The wind angle and strength of 15-20 knots were perfect for the board and kite combination that I had and my mental state was greatly improved when I saw how much distance I was covering.
There was a big 2m swell which came in cleanly at Siribinha and kept me alert as it really took some skill and good surf reading skills to stay in control of the board.
An international Capoeira competition on the beach kept me entertained as I ate my lunch, and the energy and vibe from it all inspired me to keep moving.
It took a few attempts to get off the beach again as the wind had dropped a bit and the surf was quite big and I started to wonder at 3:30pm if I should even attempt to keep going or just stay put.
I was feeling good and decided that I needed to try and push myself through to sunset, so made an attempt to get as far as I could in the remaining daylight.
The second leg of the trip was very tense and exciting as random exploding waves 2km offshore at the Mangue Seco river mouth made for a rocky ride. Eric Gramond has described these river crossings by kite like kiting in a minefield and I couldn’t agree with him better, I had to keep my wits about me as a navigated through the water, conscious of there only being 30 minutes of daylight left.
My legs fared much better than the GoPro camera mount which must have just got shaken so much that it eventually broke.
I finally landed at 5pm and the hunt was on for a place to stay and eat. Some friendly locals provided a shower, food and even accompanied me to the local Possada run by a Dutch guy mad keen on fishing (all thanks to google
So now I am sitting here contemplating tomorrows plan as the weather is predicted to be more of the same. I’m pleased to be done with reefs for the moment, but the big river crossings tomorrow might be just as testing.

From Garajuba to Praiado Saco
Distance-90 nautical miles in 8 hours
Mental- 9/l10- in the zone today!
Physical 8/10- some chafing around pack strap area
Broken gear- broken GoPro camera mount, broken glasses hinge. Lost nozzle
hose for drink system.
Sea state/wind -choppy and confused 15-20 knots




8 responses

31 07 2010
Alexandre Borges

Is it second hand gear? Wow!

31 07 2010
Bloody Coworker

Nice sunset photo Louis. Good luck!

31 07 2010

Geez mate, now I am really jealous! This trip is starting to look fantastic!

1 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Avidly following you Louis You are first in the favourites list on my comuter so I can quickly access. All the best

1 08 2010

Glad to hear you have left Salvador behind.
Relaxing in Jeri I’ll have a pint to wish you luck.

All the best

1 08 2010

Keep pushing Louis……..remember wind against tide sucks at the river mouths (sure you know that), stay positive mate….best of luck, Blake.

1 08 2010

sounds like a good start. all the best in coming weeks. cheers and Good luck! Vaclav

10 08 2010
Ross Hunter

Looks good mate!!

We are following you here in wellies 🙂

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