Day 3

1 08 2010

What a perfect greeting as breakfast was delivered to me at 6.15am this morning.
With the warm temperatures, beach location and delicious food, it took a while for my brain to register that I had to go kiting today.
I managed to drag myself down to the beach and setup, wondering how so many locations in Brazil could be considered paradise.
I broke my glasses yesterday, and there is no way I can continue without a pair as the burning sun and saltwater spray make them a necessity. So I made a plan to kite to Aracaju and buy a new pair, and I wanted to get there as quickly as possible as the short amount of squinting that I been doing was already starting to hurt my eyes.
Unfortunately I was greeted at the beach by a measly 8-10 knots and I stood in the water for what seemed like an eternity hoping that it would pick up. Eventually I just decided to get going, and luckily there was an outgoing tide which meant that I was flying along to begin with, however as I exited out off the current the wind died which caused my kite to drop in the surf.
I knew the forecast on Predictwind was for more wind in the afternoon so I patiently sheltered under the shade of my kite waiting for the wind to come up. I made another attempt to get off the beach but again my kite dropped into the surf resulting in what I can only describe as a kite mauling. I made it back to the beach and took a short nap while I waited for the wind again.
I awoke to find the sky clouding over, which made it easier on my eyes, and finally the wind started picking up so that I could finally navigate out of the surfbreak and kite where the waters were a little bit more predictable.
There is a constant compromise between being caught in a breaking set of waves and kiting too far out from shore, so I tried to find a safe track while keeping a vigilant eye out for rogue breaking waves destined to devour me and my board.
I saw the mouth of the Rio Vaza Barris river approaching and mentally tried to prepare myself for the challenge ahead. Although it wasn’t as bad as yesterdays crossing, the wind dropped to 8 knots which made for some very nervous times as I tried to keep the kite in the air while navigating the difficult waters.
The rest of the kite to Aracaju was heavenly, as I was able to kite downwind inside the breaking surf in soft, non-choppy water with a consistent 12-15 knots of wind. This was the first time during this trip that the kiting was so easy and it was nice to be able to just enjoy the scenery for a while.
I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing a mirage as a whole beach full of kites greeted me at my destination. This was the first time on the journey that I was surrounded by other kiters, and it felt fantastic to be on a safe beach with brilliant white sand stretching as fas as they eye could see. I breathed a sigh of relief and felt my body relax as I knew I was safe here and looked forward to being around other kitesurfers.
I had been given a contact called Junior to meet in Aracaju but instead was greeted by his uncle Glauber. The NPX top and Neil Pride cap made it obvious that I was in the right place and had met the right person. He beamed a warm welcoming smile and said “anything you need I can help you with” as he put a brand new pair of sea specs sunglasses into my hands.
I couldn’t believe my luck, I already thought this place was perfect I and it just got better!
A local posada one block away from the beach had been arranged for me and so off I went for a much needed feed.
I finished the day off with some carb loading on beer, for endurance reasons of course! Seriously I have been trying not to loose to much weight so that I can keep my energy levels up when the going gets tough. The evening was filled with funky Brazilian tunes and even some unexpected New Zealand music which just topped off a fantastic day

Aracaju has a good vibe, fantastic community of kiters with an extremely safe beach. Glauber, Crassus and some other local kiters have been instrumental in making me feel welcome and assisting with repairing gear, providing internet, clothes, some much need new deck pads and straps. I am so pleased that I didn’t kite past this area and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of coming here.

From Pria Do Saco to Aracaju
Distance 35 nautical miles
Mental 9/10
Physical 9/10
Gear- Changed out foot pads and straps, repaired Go Pro board mount, moved back fin further forward to be more centered. GPS not updating so need to find a new one.




3 responses

1 08 2010

Glad to hear you are keeping up you carb intake 😉
The trip sounds amazing and thanks to your blog we can feel a part of it too, awesome photos!
Good luck.

2 08 2010
Chris Hadaway ( Troutie)

Hi Louis .
Enjoying reading the days events .
Good Luck and good Wind for the rest of the adventure .

Best Regards

2 08 2010
AJay Morris

& Joana Fresteiro

Sounds Ideal, Louis!!

Jo and I are just checking out your blog and all sounds perfecto 😀

Boa Sorte!!

AJay & Jo

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