Day 4

2 08 2010

The wind was too light to kite today, but that doesn’t mean it was a day of relaxation.
I found that my GPS had not been logging my distances to the memory card and thus was unreliable, so it was time to get a new one.
Glauber had managed to locate one for me, but I needed to get some money to be able to pay for it, so with some helpful directions from the crew I was pointed in the right direction.

This is a kitesurfing mission and I had stated at the beginning of this trip that there would be a self imposed rule of not using any other mode of transport other than walking or kiting.
With the hot sun blazing down, I walked to the nearest bank machine several kilometers away only to be rejected by the machine in the wall. I continued walking to another bank machine and again no money could be withdrawn. With my non-existent Portuguese, this trip was quite difficult at times, but I kept trying and eventually was able to take out the cash needed at the third bank stop.
As I walked the long trek back trying to keep cool in the intense heat I remembered a quote that a friend of mine had once said:

“It is the decisions that you make on a daily basis that define an adventure like this”.

And with that thought I took my new Garmin Etrex colour GPS and made the decision to practice safe navigation by encasing it in the only rubber waterproof pouch I had handy (I’m sure this will raise a few eyebrows)!

I had hoped that the wind would pick up in the afternoon so that I could test the new footpads and straps, but again the weather was in control and I remained on the beach.
The plan for tomorrow is to get on the water as early as the wind will allow and kite with the goal of making Marceo (200km) in a day or two depending on wind. I have to do battle with the Rio Sao Francisco but other than that it will hopefully be a nice day out on the water again.




2 responses

3 08 2010
Boris Terzic

That is a great quote from your friend. I wish you good winds for tomorrow.

12 08 2010

Keep it going Louis……your putting in a good effort under the conditions….the wind will come mate.
I’ve been searching for a suitable sailing cat that will be able to assist….found a few options. Talk when you get back. Kia kaha!

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