Day 5 or is it 6?

3 08 2010

The days are starting to blur together and I am losing track of what day of the week it is, I seem to be spending my days either kiting, or studying the upcoming coastlines.
Right now I am lying on the beach under the shade of my kite waiting for some wind while tapping away on my Telecom Blackberry trying to get a forecast.

Waiting for the wind will be a common issue for this part of the trip as I am entering into what I call the wind dead zone. I have been studying the wind patterns in this area every day for the last 4 months so I would know what to expect and I know its not good.
There’s an area north of me that seems to miss consistently have low winds and if it does come in, the locals tell me its very random and not something I can make a plan around.
My gear consisting of the 2011 Crossbow race kite combined with my custom board is optimised for the upcoming light conditions and the kiters here are amazed that I can speed along when they are struggling to keep their kites in the air.
I can keep the kite flying at 8 knots, and make some progress at 10 to 12 knots, and at 15-20 knots I’m speeding along!
On the upside, all this waiting for wind does mean I can relax a bit, drink some beer, eat good food and learn to dance Brazilian style, all while looking like the white guy who got too much sun!

Thanks to all of you who have posted with well wishes. I do read these and appreciate them, but unfortunately can’t respond individually as any computer time I do have is spent studying the coastline and wind predictions. Looks like a pretty piece of coast coming up if I can manage get out of here.




4 responses

4 08 2010
Isaac Wilson

Good on you Louis. It sounds like you are getting into your stride, may the winds be strong!

4 08 2010

Looks like your $1 watch is still working 🙂

5 08 2010
pierre Tapper

Elysse is asking if there’s any aunty prospects there. Watch out for the G factor you cant study that enough.

6 08 2010
Alexandre Borges

Winds picking up in São Luís up to 20 knot next week.

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