Day 9 – Decision Time

7 08 2010

The days are slipping away and so is my opportunity to complete 2000km.
The southerly winds that are predominant during the month of July are replaced by NE winds in August which means progress will eventually become impossible in a short amount of time.
Today there was wind at 11pm which intensified and spurred me into getting ready for action but by the time I reached the beach the scene was completely windless.
I have to make a decision in the next couple of days about whether I should cut the trip short and head up further up the coast north of Recefe to kite in that area.
It would be pretty gutting after all I have done to get here but the reality is that the window of opportunity is closing or may have already closed.
The official world record is still only 330km so I would be still on to easily break this, but I set myself a goal of 2000km and I really want to do it.
If the wind doesn’t arrive soon then I will have to walk 30km tomorrow to the San Francisco river.
Normally 30km would not be a problem for me with if kitted out with a decent backpack.
However, it is going to be pretty brutal with the amount of gear I have as there is no easy way to carry my board and I have additional hindrance of walking in sand.

The backpack I have with me is the 5th iteration and have made it as comfortable as possible for a kite trip on the water.

It is not the best backpack for walking with or carrying heavy loads over long distances and if not packed perfectly can cause me a lot of back pain.
So its decision time.
I need at least 3-4 good strong 15-20 knot southerly days to get out of here and head north to Recefe, I can just hope the wind comes my way.




7 responses

7 08 2010

Hey Louis

Good to see your exploits and stay safe. Mind those nasty strings y’hear?


8 08 2010

“Never walk on the path, because it leads only where others have.” (Alexander Graham Bell)

Greetings and good luck!

Ricardo – Salvador – Bahia – Brazil

8 08 2010

hi louis!
plenty of wind up here along the north-east coast.
I wish we could send you some truckloads of it!
we all hope you make it one way or the other!

8 08 2010
Mike Morris

Hey Louie
What a bummer.
That is the problem with nature – it just does what it wants and when it wants.
Hang in there!
Get the locals to pig out on beans!

9 08 2010
pierre Tapper


better still get the locals to feed you beans…..your ass never let you down previously! as Duncan laing used to say – “come on you bloody half ass!!”

I’m sure your starting to feel it now, dont lose hope – never know whats natures going to send your way.

Take Care

9 08 2010

You only get one shot, go for it.

10 08 2010

Fingers crossed for you Louis! Don’t give up hope 🙂

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