Day 12 – Dear Wind

11 08 2010

Dear wind
You promised to turn up today so I didn’t have to do any more walking.
Unfortunately, you brought your friend the rain and spoiled what could have been a nice windy day. I have been very patient with you, so its only fair that you blow 15 knots or more, so I can sail to Marceo and drink beer with
Philipe and Andre.
It is really nice here in the fishing village of Pontal Do Peba, so I am happy for the moment, and I am prepared to walk again tomorrow, if you are still on holiday.
I have taken my brothers advice and been trying to eat lots of beans, but unfortunately this strategy has not produced any more wind than you did today.

Love from your dedicated and patient kitesurfing fan

Its day 12 and I have just been reflecting on the days since leaving Aracaju. Before I left everybody gave me dire warnings about having no support crew, a big river to cross, endless deserted beaches and they all worried about how I would communicate when I don’t speak Portuguese .
Well it all worked out just fine and it was actually quite nice not having anyone speak english.
I’m no Bear Grylls nor am I pretending to be but his teachings are that there are always resources in any environment and you should never starve if you look in the right places.
I am thankful to the people along the way who have all assisted me in some way in the last 4 days, even though I was in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.
It seems to me even on a deserted beach, there is always some random person that pops out and surprises you when you least expect it. A few people of note have been the fisherman a couple of nights ago who fed me off a
Frisbee and provided a place to put my hammock up. Carlos, Georgie and his family for having me stay and feeding me. I had heard about the generosity of the Brazilian people and now I can say for sure its true. This trip is not just about a number its also about the people along the way.
Tonight I’m staying at Chez Julie run by a group of French people. It turns out I know way more french than Portuguese and it was an interesting conversation with a bit of English, French and Portuguese.
I am told there is a Kiwi living close by so who knows if our paths will cross on my walk tomorrow.
I say walk, because I think the wind is still on holiday up in the NE of Brazil, but whatever tomorrow brings in wind, I know if will bring so much more in people.




6 responses

12 08 2010
pierre Tapper

Louis, I’m hoping thats just humor your writing there…..letters to the wind? …..your not losing it like Tom Hanks on castaway are you??. Brainstorming on that note – maybe you could put a smilie face on your kite to make the wind gods happy!

Any other suggestions from your readers…….


PS. Have you thought of dragging your board (bag on top) without the fins through the shallows from a belt instead of carrying. May relieve your back?

12 08 2010
Boris Terzic

Bummer about the wind, looks like it hasn’t been your friend lately.

Hope things pick up.

12 08 2010
David - Aracaju

Hi Louie,
how are you?
I hope everything is well.
hugs and good luck,

12 08 2010

Wilson! Where’s Wilson? 😛

Nice to see you trucking along a few minutes ago, so the letter worked!

12 08 2010

Kia Kaha Louis!

12 08 2010
Peter Campbell

Hang in there Louis, the wind will come. Your journey so far has been epic.

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