Day 13 – Wind!!!

13 08 2010

Dear wind
You must have been listening to my request yesterday.
I heard your call after a fantastic French breakfast.
Your call of a light 10-12 knots breeze to get me started from Pontal du Peba was all I needed to get motivated.
I stroked away with my kite gently caressing you and willed you on for more. You responded at times with 15 knots and I was ever hopeful that you might even deliver more.
You played with me, teased and eventually gave up leaving me longing for more.
Finally I ended my day walking along one of the most beautiful pristine beaches I have ever seen.
I walked as far as I could hoping to see you again, but eventually the beach disappeared as high tide came in and I was forced to retreat back to civilization at Barra de São Miguel.

My friends at PredictWind say you might make an appearance tomorrow. I really hope you do because I am excited about getting to Marceo.

Love from your ever patient and faithful kitesurfer.




One response

13 08 2010

Pleased the wind Gods answered your prayers! Seems to be going OK at the moment for you so all good. Carry on!

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