Day 14 – Marceo

15 08 2010

Today started with an early morning swim back across the river from my accommodation.
There are some morning when it feels like I’m actually going to work and not on some fun kite adventure – this was one of those mornings.
The short run into Marceo reacquainted me with some uncomfortable chop reigniting my desire to find a better softer back pad solution.
Marceo is a milestone in terms of progress and I was keen to stay and meet the local kiters.
Andrew Soares has been a trusted contact over the last week providing valuable information and guidance on this leg of the trip. It was good to meet him and Phillipe the local Cabrinha dealer who helped out with some internet and information about the upcoming coast.
It was really hard leaving somewhere of comfort and luxury when I was feeling so worn out, but I needed to push on for an afternoon session while the wind was good.
The promise of a rear deckpad, 30km away, was all the motivation I needed to get up and riding again.
Unfortunately the deckpad didn’t materialise but a local kiter was kind enough to swap his wider softer straps which made things a little more comfortable.
The wind is good and I’m going to keep on kiting…




One response

15 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Great news Louis. You are doing well and obviously meeting some great people along the way. Your trip log and photos will form an excellent basis for an inspiring book for others. best wishes Jules & Jenny

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