Day 20 – Twin tip wins

19 08 2010

Well I have broken pretty much everything on this trip, 2 GPS, 5 kite lines, 1 spot messenger unit, booties, 2 drink bladders and a mouth piece, a pump (not mine) and a watch.

Today the Go Pro mount and the backpack shoulder attachment broke during a shoot for Reuters and Globo TV, I’m pretty sure I have broken almost everything I brought with me other than my kite and board!

The day started off with me contemplating whether it was safe to kite in the cross offshore conditions. Now that I am half way there its closer to go straight across over to Africa that up to Sao Luis.

The only thing stopping me from seriously considering it is inability to carry enough food and water for the trip.

I kited 17km into Ponta Negra beach to meet the TV guys and landed a little bit short due to the funky wind spilling off the hillside.

The TV guys wanted me to do 3 passes to get footage, but I was barely able to keep the kite in the sky on the way in so I was worried that it wasn’t going to work.  There was an additional threat of rain which added to the stress, and when I got to pass number 2 I hit a wave which caused the Go Pro camera to thrash around the front of the board.

We looked at trying to get it fixed but decided it wasn’t possible, and by the time I tried to leave that afternoon the wind was blowing 30 knots (55km/h).  This was just too much wind for my kite and big board and would have projected me like a missile.

My tactic was to get going early and ride the lower winds but the interview made this impossible.

Even simple things like getting the kite back down and self landing are a serious challenge in that amount wind.

I have figured out that my maximum limit going downwind with the current kite and board combination is 25 knots.

Chopping the fins improved the performance downwind a bit but not enough to convince me that riding it in direct downwind angles is going to be a safe idea.

So, in the interest of safety, I have decided to forego the one board idea and make it on one kite and whatever board works. The one board idea was self imposed and just something to make it harder for myself.

Kiting is about fun and as some have pointed out a twintip is just plain fun so I’m looking forward to doing some big boosty jumps, kiteloops and popping a few waves on the way.

I thank all of those who voted for me to keep the big board on my last post, but if any of you think that this is really a good idea then I challenge you to find yourself a 60l windsurf board and strap on a 11m kite in 30 knot winds, oh and please post footage, because  I’m in need a good laugh.

So the next challenge is to find a suitable Cabrinha board here in Natal. I haven’t managed to track anything down yet. So if anyone in natal has a suitable board that’s at least 138 is fast and good in chop, please let me know. I think something like a Cabrinha Caliber would be perfect.  I guess this is the beginning of the one kite, any board part of my journey and I’m excited to start picking up some serious speed!




8 responses

19 08 2010
Craig Knights

“11m kite in 30 knot winds, oh and please post footage,” well I easily could.. but I’m a speshul case eh.. yeah fair enough you’re switching boards, 30 knots all day would really suck on that big board.. didn’t realise you were only about 1/2 done.. but it should get much faster as you said!

So some more good luck wishes from me here fixing kites for wanakite.. I guess you might not make it back in time!


19 08 2010

keep breaking things and you will eventually break the record, keep it going louis …

19 08 2010

GO LOUIS GO… push through the 2000kms….. you can do it, we all believe in you over here!! Looking forward to party in Wanaka… you sleep, we kite and we all party!!
See you soon!! Tanja

20 08 2010
pierre Tapper

Hey Louis,
great to hear you have the wind with you now. I have a little modified tune you may recognise from everyones mate Kevin Bloody Wilson. Let her rip….hope it brings a smile to your dial.

“Louis me mate the master farter
put the art back into farting
with his custom tailored farts
Louis me mate the master farter
with his True-pitch perfect calibrated, turbo thrusted, fuel injected, W.I.N.G.S.protected, double jointed arse.

Well, good news travels fast it seems
and it wasn’t very long
before Louis got this midnight phonecall
from Steve Coutts and Sir Peter Blake
they said, “Louis we’ve got this specialist job,
and we’re prepared to pay ya’,
Louis old son would you consider farting for New Zealand?”
We’ll just prop you on our brand new yacht,
when theres no sea-breeze blowing
and get Louis the master farter to start
her and keep the bastard going
so Louis went into training
on sausage rolls and pies
and Vegemite and Stienlager beer
and a schollarship from Watties
The world had never seen before
a yacht so finely groomed
or a crew so fit and young and strong
or an arse so finely tuned
the Yanks weren’t even in the race
not even in the same class
what with black magic in the blood
and Louis’s fuel injeted arse
Well he come back a bloody hero didn’t he,
the old NZ boy
and government comissioned this bloke
to do a big statue of his Koy
and I can still see Louis standing there
when they confirmed his Knighthood
and Jim Boldger pinning it on saying,
“Hey Louis….. your fucking good!”

20 08 2010

Its been really interesting watching the up’s and downs of your journey so far and I don’t think anyone will think less of you now that you have switched to another board.

Kiting 2000k’s is a challenge enough without making it more difficult and risky.

Hat off to you mate!

Keep safe.


20 08 2010
Hugo Varela

Hey Louis!
I planned a windsurfing downwind from Ponta Negra to Fortaleza or Mossoró (Tibau) but could not partners. Are you still in Natal or S. M. Gostoso? I´m free this weekend untill monday. May I try to follow you in this path? I live in Ponta Negra and just received news about you now.
Please contact me. (excuse my poor english)


20 08 2010

Go mate go, use what ever you need to, just knock the bastard off! sounds like you are going to get some great winds shortly!! good luck and good winds.

21 08 2010
Eric Gramond

Hi Louis, It’s very nice to follow your adventure !! I think you made a good choice with a twintip board. After Paracuru the wind should be stronger with a summit around Jericocoara. After Caburé, maybe you will find normal wind (less than 25nts)
So good luck, i follow you every day, thank’s again to permit us to follow your adventure ! sorry for my poor english…

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