Day 23

27 08 2010

A fantastic start to the day with breakfast served up at 5.15am this morning.

It felt like the longest offshore wind that I have experienced so far and with really light wind conditions.  The wind dropped down to 7 knots at times leaving me with no option to concentrate on keeping the kite flying at all costs. Eventually I made it back into land after 1.5 hours of being so far out I was only 3-4km from the oil drilling platforms. The reason for heading out so far out was to avoid the nearby river system and wind shadow which could have caused me lots of problems.

Globo, one of the big Brazilian TV channels ran a story on my trip a couple of days ago which has made me a bit of a celebrity out here.

So now when I land in what I think is the most random and remote place, people run up to me asking “are you the crazy guy we saw on TV.

The wind swung in the afternoon and picked up to a pleasant 17-20 knots which gave me an afternoon of stress free kiting right next to the beach.

I’m could get used to this stress free kiting, I’m so over the harsh offshore winds, sharp reefs, sharks and rain.




12 responses

27 08 2010

Bravo Louis!
Wish you all the best


27 08 2010
Ross Hunter

happy to hear!! Enjoy 🙂

27 08 2010

Funny that cos people keep coming up to me at work asking where “that crazy guy is” as well!! Glad to hear it’s still going well.

27 08 2010

Hi Louis,

You have been crazy for years, its just the Brazillians have never met you before!

Great to hear all is going well, even though you have been through some challenging moments! Most of us only ever dream of adventure, but you are experiencing it to the full so enjoy every minute.

Best wishes for the rest of your trip 😀

27 08 2010

hi louis, you must be the crazy guy people are talking about, apparently you have been on kiwi tv too!

keep it going

27 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Well done Louis. Not crazy just living the dream. Your new motto ‘Al audaz fortuna favorece’ – fortune favours the bold. I know the feeling. Feed the rat

28 08 2010

Hi Louis,

Awesome, dream it and you can do it. Wish you an easier couple of days to finish. You are an inspiration.

28 08 2010

Hey Bro,

Your a real inspiration to us all.

Bring on Sunday!

28 08 2010

Haha craziness is just a way of saying they are jealous you are on such an adventure! Bask in the celebrity status and enjoy your trip. Might get you a fancy meal somewhere!



29 08 2010
pierre Tapper

Good luck Louis for the next part of the coast – looks tricky. Time to play your best “Game A”

Yarda Yarda Yarda, go go go!


29 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Great sail along that desolate coast Louis and have a great final day into Sao Luis.
Pierre arrives ZQN today so will update and Dad now home in AD. Have a great party tomorrow night as well deserved.Talk soon
Jules & Jenny

29 08 2010
Alexandre Borges

Kitesurfers in São Luís are waiting for Louis tomorrow, Aug 29th.
He`s suffering for the last time (some mosquitos that would fly better than his kite) and family Tapper may rest!

Marcelo from Reuters is here to give him full footage and is committed to broadcast to Washington DC hub a 4 min video that might in less than 5h be in Kiwi territory.

Last, tomorrow I`ll carry a hot cidra so he can pop up, then we`re kidnapping Louis to have a full brazilian rodizio and a deserved cold beer.

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