Fortune does favour the bold

30 08 2010

Quick post to say I have finished the 2000km today, 30 days after I started. Yes I am pleased to finish and somewhat relived. I am looking forward to do some stress free kiting and waking up late.
The last 3 days were not really stress free kiting, finishing with a 40km open water crossing today.
The last 3 days have been some of the most epic kiting of the whole trip and I will do a full post in time. For the moment beer and food awaits!




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30 08 2010

Well done. A well deserved beer I’m sure.

30 08 2010
30 08 2010
Mike Morris

You amazing adventurer!
Well done Louie!
Congtatulations from Jude & Mike Morris
Yea you!

[Looking forward to the big dinner and debrief with as much embelishment as you can toss in]

30 08 2010
Stuart Webb

Congratulations !
I’ve been following your adventures since the outset – amazing stuff. This has made for tremendous reading whilst waiting for the wind to pick up here in Melbourne. Can’t wait for the next installment.

30 08 2010
Mark Gee

That’s a truly awesome effort mate! Certainly a big adventure & it’s great to see you made the 2000kms. Enjoy the celebrations, & bring some wind with you when you do get back to Wellington!!

30 08 2010
Roberto (Adrianno Friend)

Parabéns! Fantástico!

30 08 2010
Linda and Russell Wallace

Congratulations Louis on completing your epic trip. We have been following your adventures with great interest and are relieved you have survived the 2000km journey in one piece (as I am sure Richard and Annie are!!) Fantastic to have such a goal and the skill and courage to follow it through.

30 08 2010

Fantastic effort, and great to hear you finished. Time for some R&R. We’ll be doing some of your down winders in 2 weeks time. Sounds epic. Congrats.

30 08 2010

Fantastic! I looked up spot messenger this morning to see that you had just arrived in Sao Luis. Well done, and get a Caipirinha as well.

Now, on to Wanakite 😀

30 08 2010
Laura Adams

Nice work Louis! It’s been fun following your adventure. Enjoy some well deserved beer, food and rest 🙂
See you soon. Cheers, Laura

30 08 2010
Boris Terzic

Congrats on finishing this awesome journey! It’s been a blast following it.

What’s next? 🙂

30 08 2010
Bruce Spedding

Ditto on that wind in Wellington – well done Louis, its been great following your adventure. Cheers, Bruce

30 08 2010

Good on ya mate!

Hey whats next? how do you top this? ???????

30 08 2010
Ross Hunter

GOOD work mate – Congrats!!

30 08 2010

Great stuff Louis!! Me Blaise n Ryan think you’re orsome

30 08 2010
Dee and Tim

Bloody great job Louis we have enjoyed following your progress. Dee promises the the real hug and kiss will follow when you come and see us at Otaki.

31 08 2010

Congratulations Louis!

All the best from Rio de JAneiro



31 08 2010

Congratulations Louis!

Well done…

hugs from Rio


31 08 2010

Congratulations Loius!

All your hard work planning and preparing has certainly paid off. You have experienced the adventure of a lifetime, and we have been able to experience it, vicariously through you, too!

Look forward to catching up on your return home.

When do you expect to be back?

31 08 2010

Well done Louis! Just heard my colleague talking about a guy finishing his 2000km kitesurf trip in NZ: “he left the banking world for the kitesurfing dream.” 🙂

31 08 2010
Ian Harrison

Congrat’s mate. It’s been great reading your adventures.

Shaun is certainly missing you. He’s looking forward to seeing you again.

I hope you have some relaxing days to come.

31 08 2010

Nice work, ! That last section looked sketchy from the sat photos. Look toward to the stories and catching up back in wgtn.

31 08 2010
Mike Raper

WELL DONE!! Huge congrats from all the Cabrinha crew.

31 08 2010
Mike Raper

PS: You even made the prime time news in China/HK.

31 08 2010
Ryan Jameson

Great job Louis! Get on down to Wanaka so we can hear all about your adventure.


1 09 2010
Pauline (Caburé)


Amazing challenge, enjoy caipirinhas there! Feel free to come and celebrate this in Sao Paulo 🙂

1 09 2010


1 09 2010

Congrats- great work and perseverance. Well done!

1 09 2010

Congratulations – 1 more off the list. An adventure to savour for a life time….look forward to more stories.
You have been getting some good coverage on TV3 – time to promote your surf aid support & sponsors.


1 09 2010
Kirsty Scott

Toot Toot! When’s the party to celebrate?

2 09 2010

Great job mate. I’ve been following your reports closely and they have boost my own training. I hope to kite with you some day soon.

3 09 2010

Awesome effort Louie. Sure you got a lot out of the trip and so did so many of us around the world – Thanks for the inspiration!

A warm can of VB would taste better than the best champagne after what you’ve achieved, Enjoy!


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