1Man 1Kite 2000km Presentation- 16th March 6pm

3 03 2011

There are plenty of ways to travel 2000 kms in comfort, safety and speed. Riding ocean waves on a board smaller than an ironing table holding a kite is not one of them. So what was Louis Tapper thinking when he made the world record attempt – kite-surfing solo 2000kms of Brazilian coastline? And more importantly – how did he turn this dream into a reality?
Whether you are a kite-surfer or not, you want to discover Louis’ method, and use it to realise your own goals, or you just want to have a great evening with a friend listening to an inspiring story – you’ll not want to miss this event.
When: 16 March. Social drinks from 6pm, presentation  starts at 7pm.
Where: Estadio- 17-19 Blair St Wellington
Admission by $10 donation to Red Cross earthquake appeal.
Spaces are limited, so please RSVP via Facebook or for those of you not on Facebook, email- hola [@] estadio.co.nz




One response

21 04 2011

Thank you to 90 people that turned up to listen to my talk in Wellington, New Zealand, in support of the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. It was an overwhelming success from a fundraising perspective.

– Attendance: 90 adults + 2 kids + 1 baby but what a cute well behaved baby!
– Fund raised on ticket entrance: $910
– Fundraising on drinks: $228, Thanks Sol beers and Estadio
-Total raised: $1138

The feedback from the talk was overwhelmingly positive and it made some changes in peoples thinking, in ways I hadn’t expected. Two people have independently come to me and said it was useful for them when applying for jobs. This is ironic since I have just chucked in my well paying corporate job paying job and stepping outside of my comfort zone to deliver talks over the next 6 months.

I debated long and hard about talking about more than just the adventure and incorporating some of the post trip reflections, that are transferable no matter what your situation or interests. The thing holding me back, was a desire not to become some motivational speaker who stands up and preaches, it just didn’t feel authentic to me or my friends. I firmly believe that motivation comes from within and the best I can do is to use the 2000km kitesurf trip to inspire and entertain, in the hope it might spark positive change in those that chose to listen.

So change starts at home and I have had to confront my own fear of the talk being a flop. I had to really ask myself is this a real or imagined fear. I am thankful for Daniel Batton from Beyond the Celling who helped with shaping and delivering the talk. ( http://www.beyondtheceiling.com/ ) Daniel got me to step up to the crease, to use a cricket analogy. I very nearly delivered the talk from 20m back from the crease and not incorporated any of the learning’s. Thanks also to those that helped with the pre talk feedback and organisation, it was also very helpful in shaping the final delivery.

I am in the process of changing my blog but you can keep up with the ongoing adventure here at http://yakers.co.nz. I am about to learn to paraglide tomorrow here in France, so with me luck. Also if you or someone you know know would like to hear an inspiring adventure talk, in or around Europe, then I am also very keen to hear from you.

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