About Louis

Louis has always been drawn to the sea. His interest began with swimming under legendary coach Duncan Lang, which then progressed to surf lifesaving; then running (ranked second in Steeplechase NZ), skiing, whitewater kayaking and for the past 3 years – kitesurfing and snow kiting.
Having traversed the notoriously dangerous Cook Strait in 2008 he decided to kitesurf 260km from Auckland to the Bay of Islands in yachting’s 2009 Coastal Classic. Louis then set a  world record for the longest Kitesurfing journey, sailing 2000km up the coast of Brazil. He completed this amazing journey solo, with only one kite and a 35l backback.
Louis is on an ongoing search for adventure, wind, waves and good company. He has a degree in Physical Education and is currently travelling around the world to epic kitesurfing spots. He loves google earth and scoping out potential new global kiting spots.

Louis Tapper - Cabrinha

Adventure Kitesurfing


6 responses

21 07 2010
Bruce Spedding

Hi Louis – good luck with this, will follow you with interest.
Its too late for this adventure but this has just come up from SPARC and may be of interest (let me know if I can help)
Applications close 15 October.

16 08 2010
Bruno Mendes -João Pessoa- Brazil

Hi Louis, my name is Bruno and we talked a little today.

I wanted to tell you I own a company that takes people to sail on the main points of the kite northeast.

I still have no website, but soon he will be running already. My main focus is to serve travelers like you. I give the necessary support so that the client does not have any worries.

I’m IKO instructor and sailing to four years for this region.

If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help you.

I know people, restaurants and inns where you can find support. 20 miles north of João Pessoa, there is a river mouth where there is a nursery of manatees ( cow-fish) , is very nice place to visit. and then continue to travel to Original template or Bar Cunhaú. I am willing to go for Wind donw with you until this point. From then on I can provide you with other contacts who can help you until the end of his route.

I await some contact. Anything can call. Hope you success and luck in your adventure. Good winds.

phone: 083 99461626

E-mail: 100limites.adv @ gmail.com
bruno.mendes.212 @ hotmail.com

20 08 2010

Hi i live in Tatajuba, wich is a beach located 30 km North from Jericoacoara, and about 130 km south from Parnaiba. In case you need any help or info, feel free to contact me. I also kitesurf.

23 08 2010
2000km Kitesurf Expedition Along The Brazilian Coast. Yes, 2000km! |

[…] kitesurf expedition. It’s already in progress. A kitesurfer from New Zealand by the name of Louis is currently midway in his attempt to kitesurf 2000km along the Brazilian coast from Salvador to […]

26 08 2010

Hi Louis,

What a great trip, amazing and I wish you all the best.
We are living in NZ and leaving for a kite adventure in Brazil, Paracuru, in 2 weeks time. Timing is a bit off, I suppose you’ll already have left by then, but if not, might meet up if it suits you.
We’ll follow your trip, happy winds.

18 06 2011
Harry Thuillier

Hi Louis

What a fantastic journey. I was sent a link to you by Fabio Nobre from Club Ventos in Jeri.

I’m also doing a trip – kite buggying along the beaches (and skirting around the odd mangrove swamp!) from Natal to Jericoacoara with my brother in 5 weeks time. We’ve just set up a website, and I’ve mentioned you in my latest blog post here: http://kitebuggyadventure.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/mad-way-south-and-other-inspiring-journeys/

We intend to stay in local pousadas and sleep rough in the remote spots, and like you will be doing the whole thing unsupported. Any advice you would like to give about the area would be appreciated, as this is definitely the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced!


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