Spot Messenger Review

12 10 2008

Spot Messenger review
This week I have just taken delivery of a Spot Messenger satellite tracking device. I have been using a trail unit for the last 4 months and found it a worthwhile addition to the safety kit. Many personal trackers I checked out rely on cell phone networks to update their location which is not much use when you are outside of cell phone coverage. It has the ability to track your location on the web every 10 min and can update via SMS, to a contact of your choice. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the following are a couple of reviews of the product. I get a lot of questions about how Spot differs from a Emergency Locator beacon, this question is answered in one of the reviews. I will add to this list as I come across more reviews.

The units are only just available in NZ and retail for $349+ yearly subscription service. You can find more details on how to purchase here:

Spot does provide a public or private shared page which can be used to track the units location. I have been unable to combine multiple spot units on the same page without registering them under the same account as is shown on the map bellow.

This has forced me to play around with how to display the track logs on this blog and on my phone. The cleanest interface I have found is by Ryan from, who created has created his own maps and has helped me out creating my own.

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To see the mobile phone version, which is in a table format, go to

Philip Plane from Glide Omarama has also crated his own Google Maps database for tracking multiple glider planes.