Where is Louis?

Louis can be tracked live online every 10 min via a Spot Messenger satellite tracker.

Previous GPS tracks can also be found on Sport Track Live


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12 07 2010
pierre Tapper

Hey Louis,

Hope all is going well with your prep. Getting excited for you!

Take Care
Love Pierre

20 07 2010
Preparation « yakers.co.nz

[…] Where is Louis? […]

20 07 2010

In Cumbuco at the moment.

25 07 2010
Mike Morris

Hey Louie,
Just chatted to Michelle and she brought me up to date with the gear drama.
Guess you are not thet relaxed and happy with the start of tyhe project!
It will come into line soon enough “Journey of 1000miles starts with one step!” [unfortuneatly there are 2,160,999 more steps after that one] anyway you will soon be flying and not need to take any steps.
Liked the TV3 interveiw.

30 07 2010

Hope it’s going well – we’ll be following you as will all of our readers! http://www.sea2snowflake.co.uk/blog

Have fun and good luck!

31 07 2010
Natasha Martin

Hi Louie,

Wow. You were a bit understated when you told me you were going on a holiday to do some kite-surfing! Look forward to continuing to track your progress through the website. Great blogging! 🙂 All the best and take very good care.
Best wishes from me and all the rest of the Martins.

9 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Looks like you had a good run today Louis and across the river you were a bit woried abot. Keep on tracking = if you get a couple of days like your last run you will crack the World record no problems. All the best Jules & Jenny

13 08 2010

We are waiting for you here in Paraiba!

Bessa Beach


19 08 2010
Kåre K Heien

I talk too him yesterday in PiramBousios and signed his loggbok. I conected him whit a board builder he wanted to cut his finns… He had had a hard day yesterday and had done about 100km on the kiteboard.

24 08 2010
Henrique Fernandes

I sam Louis ( 21/08/2010 ) in tremembe beach on Ceara state. This beach is Neighbor of Tibau beach on Rio rande do Norte State.

I was kiteboarding with my f-one bandit 3 whe he pass in front of me.

The wind it was very powerfull 25 knots.

Good luck Man.

29 08 2010
Marcio kitesurfista São Luís-MA

Ansiosos pela chegada do Louis. Hoje fui até a Raposa com o Marcelo (correspondente da Reuters), município situada no extremo norte da Ilha de São Luís, fomos tentar entrar em contatos com embarcações de pescadores para tentar avisar o Louis sobre a localização da Praia do Meio (2o28’12.28”S/44o12’43.16”O), praia esta em que se concentra a maioria dos Kitesurfistas da Ilha, a recepção vai ser muito boa. Acho que neste momento ele pode estar ou na Ilha Contidiba (2o26’25.73”S/43o51’46.57”O) ou em Icatu – Continente (2o33’50.23”S/43o55’55.49”O), o qual dista 13,66 Km (baía aberta) de São José de Ribamar, cidade pertencente a Ilha de São Luís. Para ele chegar à São Luís, ele deverá passar pela praia de Panaquatira, contornar a Ilha de Curupu, passar pela Raposa, praia Araçagi e enfim Praia do Meio. Poucos km o separam do Guinness World Record.

30 08 2010
Jules Tapper

Excellent outcome and all family notified inclding Pierre & family. See you at Coronet soon – snow still good more last night
Have a good relax now
Jules & Jenny

16 09 2010
Monique Descombes

Hello Louis
I’ve been following you on your trip…bravo, bravisimmo, we’re all glad you made it fineto the end and for a laudable purpose too ….from Tamarin…Mauritius

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