Brazil 2000 km

The Challenge

Kite 2000km of Brazil’s coast to set a new world record for the “longest journey kitesurfing”.

When will it go down?

20-25 July-August 2010. The trip is expected to take one month, starts in Salvador and finishes in Sao Luis.

Why do it?

  • Set a new World Kitesurf Distance Record
  • Raise money for the Surf Aid charity
  • Inspire people to try kitesurfing and kite adventures
  • Push the sport of adventure kitesurfing to the next level
  • Push myself physically and mentally

How will it be done?

One kite, board and a backpack will be all that is required. Minimal gear (food, water, money, dry clothes, sandals, spare bar, repair kit and pump) will be carried in a 35l backpack. The plan is to do the trip solo but meet people along the way. If you are fit and would like to join Louis for different legs of the trip the please leave a message on this site or email sciangocee (@) You do need to be an experienced kiter and capable of sustaining a good pace.

Spot Messenger Satellite tracker will update progress  live on the web and the trip will also be recorded via a point of view video and still camera. Updates to the web will be posted on a daily basis where possible.

A complete set of spare gear will be located in Fortaleza and but shipped out to Louis in the event the primary gear is broken beyond repair.

Has it been attempted before?

Kite expeditions of this nature are not common. The concept of multi-day adventures by paraglider, rowing and kayaking are well established. Louis wants to borrow the culture and ideas from other sports and further promote this as an option for kitesurfing. Although not officially recognised, Eric Gramond is clearly the kitesurf world distance record holder with his 13 day trip of 1450km along the coast of Brazil. Louis trip aims to beat that by over 500km. The official Guinness record up until this point has been for distances completed over 12 hours (333km).

To put the scale of 2000km into perspective, crossing the Tasman in a straight line or following coastline of NZ from top to bottom is the same distance. Brazil just happens to have mostly consistent wind and is much warmer, so why not.


7 responses

17 07 2010
Cousin Janet

Hey Louis, Just caught wind of your adventure. What’s that expression ‘may the wind be always at your back’ – or maybe your Dad’s already said that one … Good luck – we’ll be watching you from the Canadian side of the globe.

Be smart and have fun!

21 07 2010

Loui, I live in the city of Natal and I’m a kiter. Here we have a lot of kiters that wood like share your journey heare the city. I also can help tou to find a place to stay in Natal. Anything you need I”ll be happy to help, at least try. My email is; my fone number is (84)9919-1503 (cals from Brazil, calls from other countrys I don´t now the firts numbers). Good winds and rides. See you soon.

21 07 2010
Jules Tapper

Have a great trip Louis WE will be watching eagerly for your SPOT tracking points This will be a great adventure you will be able to look back on with much pleasure
All the very best
Jules & Jenny

20 08 2010

Dude ya insane!!
but if ya need a place to stay in Brazil and ya in the area get in contact.
we have a place in Porto Seguro Bahia on the water front.south of salvador.

have fun take care.
Robert kiwi

1 09 2010
leo fonseca

Hi Louis, parabens/congrats! I’m curious how you managed the wind conditions while sailing.. did you wait in a boat until the wind picked up again? What sorts of gear malfunctions did you have, did you ride toeside to alleviate muscle fatigue? did you have any fish follow you.. you used a 13m crossbow 2010? I have the same kite..

18 06 2011
14 07 2011
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